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The last week of classes here I come! One step closer to break, and one step closer to free-spirited happiness that comes with the end of semesters.

Currently in love with Oh Honey's "Be Okay" - It's amazing, relaxing and beautiful in a way that just screams summer. Oh how I can't wait for summer weather to come :)

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The Job Hunting Fiasco

April and May not only signifies that spring is in the air, but it's also ... summer job hunting.

A complete bummer when it comes to the end of a school year, but it's a part of life - getting a summer job is just something you have to (well, should) do once school ends.

Which means, it's time to brush up those resumes and write a dozen cover letters, prepare your professional look and cross your fingers you land the interview. Then once you get to that stage, hope you pass their questions and cold-hard stares as they interview you. No pressure, or more like don't show fear.

Let's be honest, we hate job hunting and it's always tough to keep a long enough part-time job (for the unlucky ones like myself who opts for the seasonal jobs) so the cycle keeps building - we'll always have to go back to apply for new jobs each year. That's what's on my mind lately, and it's driving me mad in a way that I'm just frustrated and worried. And there's also the fact that I can't plan my summer accordingly (i.e. book a vacation) unless I know if I'm going to have to work for most of the summer. And as a student, you should always take the option that produces money, over the opportunity to spend away money.

It really is a fiasco, because you're trying to decide what's good for your life right now, or what's good for your situation as a university student/young person. We can't keep depending on our parents, they clearly aren't made of money (unless, of course, you're anywhere above working and middle class); we're not all that fortunate to keep money while also wanting to spend it all at the same time. I've probably spent quite a bit this year just on eating out with friends on special occasions, and a fair bit on consuming for myself. It's not that spending is bad, but worried about not making it back always makes me a bit antsy - especially when some of the things I've spent money on are unnecessary.

But what's also a fiasco is the process of finding a new job all over again. I know you're probably asking "why don't you just keep one job?" or "why don't you just get a non-seasonal job?" - but you see, it's not that easy! At least for me it isn't.
I've had jobs; and a lot of my jobs just so happens to be seasonal employment because it fits my schedule and it was much easier to score. If I could find a long term part-time job, would I even be bring this up? Probably not.
Seasonal jobs have been great, but unless someone gives me a chance on a long term job (which I always try to apply for), it's just not working out when they see that my experience consists of 2-4 months of work added up together. What does one do? That's my dilemma.

Friends, jobs are not easy to find. They are never easy to get, and they are not always great. But don't give up that easily either! Spend wisely - but also leave room for a little bit of free-spending, and never stop searching for a better job.
I will always wonder how some people do it. How they are able to get jobs at certain places that I have not discovered yet, or just don't fit the criteria for someone to work there. But kudos to them (and probably their connections - unfortunately I'm an only-child and my parents have only worked in fields completely opposite of what I want).

So here's to hoping charisma and charm, the overall personality, can ace your way through an icy interview. And also a well-written cover letter as well. It's a rough time of the year, but don't knock yourself for it - if at first you don't succeed, try again.

Have a lovely day! ~ Oriena 
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Oh Weekends...

Happy Sunday everyone.
Make it the best day ever, or make it the best week ever - either way, after listening to this you'll feel like the world is on pause and the sun is just shinning in the most blissful moment of your life. If not, it continues to be a really great, fun song anyway.

Currently obsessed with: American Authors, a great band and a great new album "Oh What A Life" - definitely recommend it!
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5 Things About Late Night with Seth Meyers

If you haven't already watched it on air by staying up at 12:35 am, Late Night with Seth Meyers premiered on Monday and is still having its premiere week as I write. We know how well the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is doing, but how's it going with Seth? - Especially for somebody who isn't a veteran in the late night talk shows club.

Well I've picked up some things from watching its first few episodes so far - and this comes from a die-heart Seth Meyers fan, so I kind of maybe know what's great and awesome about Seth...as well as his occasional not so awesome times. Trust me, it's just 5 things that vary from wonderful to "I can digg it, but give me time to find it."

1. Monologue: Jokes are flying off the charts great!...But segways where are you?
Seth has been so great at doing jokes about the news because he's a pro at it from his years of experience on SNL's Weekend Update. But the jokes are not what I'm slightly fuzzed by, it is his lack of transition from getting to the stage in front of the audience and then diving into the monologue right after the applause. Maybe that's Seth's style that he's doing on purpose, but from my knowledge of late night monologues, usually people eases it in with "how are you guys doing tonight?" or "Did you guys hear about...?" It's not the standard way of doing it, but just like writing and a lot of things in life - you kind of need a transition to take away the awkwardness that happens in between moments. Seth's legs are just breaking out of that news desk, I guess.

2. Interviews: Buddy, you're nailing it, no worries.
The thing Seth has expressed the most about was his lack of interviewing skills - like interviewing actual people and not just scripted ones. Well Seth, don't worry because you've got yourself covered. It has certainly shown between the obvious choice of Amy Poehler, who has eased your conversation and comedy skills together for a successful interviewing process. And it showed through even with a guest like Kanye West - So no worries Seth, you're nailing it just fine.

3. Where's the late night sidekick? Please let it be Fred Armisen!
Last I was told, late night talk shows have almost always had a sidekick?! Like Fallon and Higgins, Conan and Andy, Kimmel and Guillermo, Chelsea and Chuy, even Craig and Geoff (the robot skeleton). Not that it's an absolute formula for late night, but it doesn't hurt to have someone to bounce off your jokes to and expand it even more, making it more causal and interactive and funny incase the audience doesn't understand it. My guess is that Fred Armisen - 8G band leader - is the unofficial sidekick, kind of like Letterman and Shaffer, which isn't a bad idea. SNL buds on a show together is better than anything, as long as Fred and Seth keep doing what they're doing this show sails all the merry.

4. Cold Opens should always be part of the show.
This might be the bias SNL fan in me, but ever since Seth started his first show with a cold open, I kinda really want that to be just his staple of a show opener - like a mini-SNL. Too much? Because I for one, think that Seth enjoys cold opens, they are pretty awesome. It would definitely stand out from the other late night shows, not that you're not already (being on at 12:35 am that is).

5. Sketches and Segments: Cannot wait until for more!
So far Seth has introduced some original segments like Venn Diagram - which is brilliant! - and the Olympic wrap-up which was really great, but sadly must be short lived. There was also the writers pretending to review the show and breaking the fourth wall - which I sense will be Seth's style of hosting (and I personally live for fourth wall breaking, I don't know why). These have been great so far, and I can't wait for more to come, seriously I can't wait, I want more - like now (just kidding).

Overall Seth seems to be doing really well as the new host of Late Night, and I'm sure he will get even better within time. Those were just 5 things I picked up on, just 5 things to shed light on. Cannot wait for more to come and everyone should stay up and watch it! - Well, not everyone, only if can because 12:35am ... what are you doing up so late?

Have a lovely day!~Oriena :)
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Olympic Fever

#TeamCanada and #GOCANADAGO or even #WeAreWinter

Just some of the hashtags and possible trends coming out of tweets - specifically Canadian tweeters - among the many hashtags and trends used when people are tweeting out their wishes and spirit for the Winter Olympic games going on right now in Sochi, Russia.

The country and the resort town might not be in the best position politically right now (i.e. the bomb threats, the state of shoddy hotels/new buildings, and mainly the anti-gay law) but does it stop my Olympic fever? Well it surely puts a damper on things when the games aren't happening - but ... I can't be kept away by my passionate love of Olympic season and overall patriotism for Canada.

So despite the awful (and it's just so bad but I'm not going to place too much input in this) politics, there is so much to look forward to for these next 17-18 days for these Winter Olympics. The thing is, when it comes to Canadians, we excel fiercely in the winter sports - so this is like a must-watch situation. We could not give a sh!t about the summer games, but when it's winter, it's go time.
Not like I'm feeding into the stereotype or anything.

Things to look forward to?:
1. Being reigning champions trying to defend the Gold Medal titles from 2010
Obviously the best thing about this Olympics, is the fact that Canada was the host country in last game, which has us in very high spirits at a whomping 26 medals and 14 gold medals. We had a lot of great wins and great 'historic' moments (even though we didn't beat America for the total medal count, we sure beat' em at the Gold Medal hockey game, and obtained the most gold for a host country, a wonderful moment in time) so to come back from it and try to defend it is a great watch. It keeps the spirit living.

2. Everything Hockey - BUT it's the best of the best, Country VS. Country
Hockey in general is pretty awesome. But when it comes to Olympic hockey, sh!t just got real. It's no longer just the NHL, it's nation versus nation (or country versus country?)! It means gathering up the country's top hockey players, settling aside the NHL teams and differences they may have and joining forces for your home country. In the end they realize that they all come from the same nation, and it will be the only time we see them all together - not as opponents but as cohorts and teammates, as a collective. It's a bright and shinning moment. It's like your favourites all on one team (see, dreams come true).

3. All of that figure skating 
This may or may not be because of the girl inside of me, but figure skating at the Olympics is top notch stuff to watch behind hockey. Sure there's snowboarding and alpine ski (which I would choose as the fourth thing to watch) but that stuff doesn't faze me like the amazement that is figure skating. Lest we forget ice dancing too! Just the stunts, flips, twizzles in the air, the axles, (and the balancing on top of someone while you're wearing blades?) it doesn't get better than this.

4. *Bonus: Journalists reporting on absolutely everything, right down to the hotel tweets
I threw this one in because it has just taken the press by storm (sorta). If the pre-games were this amusing with journalists tweeting away about the clunks and flops of Sochi trying to be Olympic-ready, then the rest of the games can only go up with a journalist's critique (and probably down for Sochi's credibility). This one might be slightly bias as a j-school student myself, but you have to admit, some of the stuff was pretty funny if not interesting.

With the games underway, there are so many more things to forward to I'm sure - but these are some of my top must-watch stuff for the Olympic games, directed from this Canadian's point of view. Do you have Olympic fever?

Have a lovely day! ~ Oriena 
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How to: Get Through Rough (Monday) Mornings

As many might feel, Mondays and mornings are the worst combination. Weekends are wonderfully relaxing and the middle of the week is always survivable, but Monday mornings are clearly the toughest. I despise Monday mornings when it's earlier than 9AM, but we don't get to decide our schedules. That is why I feel we should all bound together and get through those rough Monday mornings, so that the rest of the week becomes smooth and easy-going (and soon it'll be the weekend again).

1. Coffee or tea?
The worst part about mornings is waking up. There's no glamorous or easy way to wake up on time than with a noisy alarm clock or the world pushing you awake with it's morning sounds. It is up to you to make yourself a pick-me up. Coffee is always the presumed method to boost up your energy level, but caffeine can be achieved in other ways. Tea can be very calming and soothing than a grotesque coffee when it's a rough morning. They both contain caffeine in a way, and the bright side to tea is no disgusting aftertaste. It's a good remedy to feeling warm and cozy but just enough to be awake. One of my favourites is: David's Tea - Perfect for variety and flavours, making your tastebuds a lot less boring.

2. A Soundtrack to start your day
Why do movies make a character's normal day seem even the slightest bit interesting? It's quite ordinary when you look at it, just like how we start our mornings (i.e. going to work or school, getting ready and taking transit). The key is to having a great soundtrack. Soundtracks and musical playlists engage us and our emotions; so to uplift your day would be to having something to listen to in the background. Get zoned out and see everything in a different light (I'm exaggerating, but just imagine it). I personally enjoy lyric-less soundtracks or orchestrated music for the mornings to make everything feel dramatic and movie-esque, it's quite fun. My favourite: 30 Rock Soundtrack

3. Find something to look forward to
It may or may not help, but finding something you look forward to and just thinking about it can make the day seem just a bit better. Sometimes it is finding the perfect outfit and wearing it that makes you get through the day. Or finding that event/party that's happening on Friday that you're super excited for and just thinking about how fun it will be. If not, finding out that there are so many new episodes to look forward to once you get home is always a nice thought for the day. Just find it, think about it, and channel it. Not saying it's guaranteed, but for some people: a nice thought is a nice thought.

4. Make it through any rush hour or commute and you're home free
Self explanatory. If you can bare through city transit or the horrid subway, you can conquer through anything. Just the feeling of rushing by and getting people out of your way during a long commute is surely somewhat rewarding. I can't help you here, but just know, if you make it through - you're good to go.

Those are some of my simple suggestions as to how you can make your mornings better or survive through it easier. If you've got a better idea, tell me! And obviously use it. Mornings are rough guys, and Monday is just around the corner, so try it if you wish.

Have a lovely day ~Oriena
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Awards Season has arrived: Golden Globes night predictions

It's more than just January, it's also the start of awards season! As the best of film and tv make its rounds from Golden Globes to the SAG Awards next Saturday and end at the Oscars finish line by March - there's a lot to look forward to.

The hilarious duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returns to kick-butt as the hosts of the 71st annual Golden Globes this Sunday, in which many are anticipating for what comedy material they have up their sleeves besides alcohol. Last year they introduced a drinking game in their monologue and this year they've promised for things like Pink-styled acrobatics among other interesting surprises.

What's really exciting, besides Tina and Amy hosting, is predicting!!!! Who doesn't enjoy playing a good guessing game of who's gonna win and who's gonna flop - or something along those lines.
(*Obviously I don't take my predictions really seriously and this all done in the name of fun and trying to see if I'm a good psychic)

Since both American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave are the two leading nominees, both leading with seven chances, they are going to "face-off" in the films categories. My best guess is that they are both guaranteed to take home at least two awards, but American Hustle seems to be the favouring of the two, so I'll give it that American Hustle will probably receive a little more and take home: Best Motion Picture for Comedy or Musical. Although Gravity might have a good shot against 12 Years a Slave, Steve McQueen's film will most likely take home Best Motion Picture for Drama. The best thing about Golden Globes is separating the genre of Comedy and Drama - so everybody can win! (But certainly not at the Oscars, because a drama always wins)

Moving on to television, because as Poehler have said, "Only at the Golden Globes do the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat-faced people of television."

Who would be your best guess for Best TV Comedy? It's wonderful that newbie Brooklyn nine-nine was able to snag a nom, but I think Andy Samberg might have a better chance than his series. It's their first year, it's very rare. Modern Family might always score the Emmys, but at this party Girls will most likely take it away again this year.

Those are my best predictions for Sunday night. Obviously there are many more others, but these are the ones I look forward to more. Hope you'll be watching, at least for the hosts or the drinking game. But either way, what are you're thoughts on these predictions?

Have a lovely weekend! ~Oriena 
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