PhotoRecap: Nuit Blanche 2014

Nuit Blanche this year was a big ol' line up...in a nutshell, that's exactly what it was.

Sometimes I ask if it's still worth it, but the appeal is always very tempting. We'll see how it goes for another year. But while it's still fresh, here's a photo recap of my night at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014. (And I promise, more posts in the near future. Then again, I broke my promise from the summer - do you guys still trust me?) Enjoy!

Good ol' Toronto, I still love you. 
Have a lovely day! ~Oriena 


I'm Back! From YYZ to LAX and Vegas

Hello friends, if nobody has jumped ship from my blog then I'm super grateful! But if you have (which you probably wouldn't be seeing anyways) I'm sorry and I don't blame you. Where did the entirety of May posting go? In a slump really.

Then the end of May came and things in life actually got seriously busy, inbetween looking for jobs and activities to do - my vacation finally came! My family and I planned a trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a week and was super stoked to be in the mood for travel again. The weather was looking up and everything, it's was awesome!

And yes I came back since the beginning of June and now it's the third week of June - where did I go once again? Well, things really looked up and my luck started changing :) I found a couple of jobs and a schedule filling up my empty days! Of course, I still have plenty of time off, but I'm also working a bit every single day - whether it'd be personal stuff or summer work stuff, I have no excuse not to blog! So here it goes... I'm back (and I won't make any promises that I can't keep) and I'll be trying to blog at least once a week, even if it's for my own musing.

Anyways, here are some photos from my trip! LA and Vegas is such a wonderful place and of course nothing screams summer like the heat of these two cities. As well as short trip down to the Grand Canyon in Arizona really opened my eyes to the beauty and love for nature and natural settings. Highly recommend anybody thinking about visiting LA to take time out and visit these budding cities and states since they're so close by and you get so much more out of a trip this way.

You can view more of my pictures from this trip on my flickr here in its own album. And if you enjoy my photography, you can view more of it here.

Hope you have a lovely day! ~Oriena


Stars On Ice: Toronto Show

The Canadian tour of Stars On Ice (2014) had a week long tour across the country and finally made their stop in Toronto last Friday. It was enjoyable and I was so glad I bought tickets when I had the chance. It was an all-star cast with so many great numbers, I wished it would never end (but of course it had to).

After watching the Team Canada figure skating team from the Sochi Olympics and seeing how talented they were, especially after watching the figure skating gala, I knew I had to watch figure skating that was contained more performance and showmanship rather than something that was done for competition. To see figure skaters doing a crazy, fun filled show that had group numbers, props, flair and costumes is a must-see for everyone. (Definitely recommend it!)
The cast featured Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Patrick Chan, Joannie Rochette, Kurt Browning, Jeffery Buttle, Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Kaetlyn Osmond, Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje, and Shawn Sawyer.
They were all so wonderful and an equally talented bunch! Clearly everyone in the audience were very proud of their Team Canada skaters, because it had such a great turn out! The Air Canada Centre was practically filled to the brim! It had lots of great supporters.

Overall I really enjoyed the show and getting to see these skaters preform live was the best experience I could ever ask for. It's unfortunate when not every fan has the opportunity to watch them live during competitions (like during the olympics and we cheer from home) but to see them preform for the purpose of a show - for fun - is something that you can't miss! It only comes around once a year, and I'm glad a got to see this year's show.

(Sorry for the iPhone quality, my seat was in the 120's section; Had to work with what I had!)
Have a lovely day! ~ Oriena 


Strangers in the City

The city often appears to be a wondrous place filled with people. Many people actually. And they are all strange, unfamiliar, interesting, and curious.
But even in a city that's filled with millions of people - people who pass by you and might not ever see again - they find a way to interact, as long as you're bold enough to make the move.
Does it sound like a cheesy love story? Because it's actually much more simple than that.

Riding the subway is like sitting in a cart filled with all those mysterious strangers (a place for people watching and guessing their stories). That's where I became a bystander of great stranger interactions and conversations.

Two ladies of different types. The middle-aged blonde woman, looking tired at the end of the day, sits in the corner seat (next to the door) in a fully packed subway car. She was mostly expressionless but her eyes appeared as if they were looking for thoughts. She seems harmless, perhaps strange at first when her eyes grew bigger because she was trained on a thought of some kind, but mostly she was just tired.
When the next stop pulled up, more people filled the train up to the doors, and in walks another women - shorter, more colourful, and also coming off from a long day of work, but doesn't show any signs of tiredness. She only had a few stops before getting off the train to transfer routes, so she stood and just kept to herself. It wasn't until the woman sitting noticed her designer bag (of top quality) and fawned.
She started with a compliment and the two ladies started chatting up a storm, advising tips on the brand quality and sharing their mutual love for the design.
It might sound a bit materialistic, but human interaction is often bonded over a share of materialistic things and events - what comes out of it is sharing thoughts with someone who views life the way you do.

Sure, this type of interaction may have started over a simple compliment and love of designer purses, but it got two strangers bonding on a random subway train after a long day. It's as good as it gets on a business day.

The city holds millions of people and each day we just walk pass them in our own mindset, but a small interaction can go a long way into finding great, enjoyable people in a place packed with crazies.
Or better yet, the least it can do is make your day just a touch better.

Have a lovely day ~ Oriena
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Current Obsession: Oh Honey...

The last week of classes here I come! One step closer to break, and one step closer to free-spirited happiness that comes with the end of semesters.

Currently in love with Oh Honey's "Be Okay" - It's amazing, relaxing and beautiful in a way that just screams summer. Oh how I can't wait for summer weather to come :)

Have a lovely day! ~ Oriena 


The Job Hunting Fiasco

April and May not only signifies that spring is in the air, but it's also ... summer job hunting.

A complete bummer when it comes to the end of a school year, but it's a part of life - getting a summer job is just something you have to (well, should) do once school ends.

Which means, it's time to brush up those resumes and write a dozen cover letters, prepare your professional look and cross your fingers you land the interview. Then once you get to that stage, hope you pass their questions and cold-hard stares as they interview you. No pressure, or more like don't show fear.

Let's be honest, we hate job hunting and it's always tough to keep a long enough part-time job (for the unlucky ones like myself who opts for the seasonal jobs) so the cycle keeps building - we'll always have to go back to apply for new jobs each year. That's what's on my mind lately, and it's driving me mad in a way that I'm just frustrated and worried. And there's also the fact that I can't plan my summer accordingly (i.e. book a vacation) unless I know if I'm going to have to work for most of the summer. And as a student, you should always take the option that produces money, over the opportunity to spend away money.

It really is a fiasco, because you're trying to decide what's good for your life right now, or what's good for your situation as a university student/young person. We can't keep depending on our parents, they clearly aren't made of money (unless, of course, you're anywhere above working and middle class); we're not all that fortunate to keep money while also wanting to spend it all at the same time. I've probably spent quite a bit this year just on eating out with friends on special occasions, and a fair bit on consuming for myself. It's not that spending is bad, but worried about not making it back always makes me a bit antsy - especially when some of the things I've spent money on are unnecessary.

But what's also a fiasco is the process of finding a new job all over again. I know you're probably asking "why don't you just keep one job?" or "why don't you just get a non-seasonal job?" - but you see, it's not that easy! At least for me it isn't.
I've had jobs; and a lot of my jobs just so happens to be seasonal employment because it fits my schedule and it was much easier to score. If I could find a long term part-time job, would I even be bring this up? Probably not.
Seasonal jobs have been great, but unless someone gives me a chance on a long term job (which I always try to apply for), it's just not working out when they see that my experience consists of 2-4 months of work added up together. What does one do? That's my dilemma.

Friends, jobs are not easy to find. They are never easy to get, and they are not always great. But don't give up that easily either! Spend wisely - but also leave room for a little bit of free-spending, and never stop searching for a better job.
I will always wonder how some people do it. How they are able to get jobs at certain places that I have not discovered yet, or just don't fit the criteria for someone to work there. But kudos to them (and probably their connections - unfortunately I'm an only-child and my parents have only worked in fields completely opposite of what I want).

So here's to hoping charisma and charm, the overall personality, can ace your way through an icy interview. And also a well-written cover letter as well. It's a rough time of the year, but don't knock yourself for it - if at first you don't succeed, try again.

Have a lovely day! ~ Oriena 
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Oh Weekends...

Happy Sunday everyone.
Make it the best day ever, or make it the best week ever - either way, after listening to this you'll feel like the world is on pause and the sun is just shinning in the most blissful moment of your life. If not, it continues to be a really great, fun song anyway.

Currently obsessed with: American Authors, a great band and a great new album "Oh What A Life" - definitely recommend it!
Have a lovely day ~ Oriena